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Creating strategic, innovative and aligned organizations

As a Chief Executive Officer or an associated C-Suite office holder what is keeping you up at night?

Recent sessions at state HR conferences have suggested you have 5 things that are keeping you up at night

  • Inability of the organization to innovate

  • Organization losing its competitive advantage

  • High Cost of reckless hiring

  • Poor leadership and communiocation

  • Regulations

Daniel Bloom & Associates, Inc., HR strategists@Net-Speed, can assist you with these sleep losing headaches. We create strategic, innovative and aligned organizations by being

Focused - On the voice of your customer and on innovation fitting in your corporate culture

Flexible - We do not operate from boiler plates. Each and every solution that we develop for you is custom to your organization

Fast - We complete the consulting assignment tasks as quickly as possible, understnading it is your dollar that is at risk from delays. We strive to meet our clients voice of the customer on their time frame.

Everybody wins...Your Organization....Your Employees.....The Corporation's bottom line.


Let us show you how to deliver human resource services at Net-Speed.

2009 Best of Business Award

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